I’m currently a graduate student in the Quantum Science and Technologies Group in the Hearne Institute for Theoretical Physics at Louisiana State University under the supervision of Mark Wilde and Jonathan Dowling.  Previously, I was a Master’s student at the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo under the supervision of Norbert Lütkenhaus.

My research is in the general area of quantum information theory. For the past couple of years my focus has been on quantum networks as well as quantum computing; specifically, for the latter, applying machine learning methods to quantum algorithms for near-term applications. In the past, I worked on quantum cryptography, specifically quantum key distribution. Check out my research for details on what I’ve been working on, as well as my Google Scholar page and my papers on arXiv.

  • My talks can be found here.
  • My github page contains the package QuTIpy, which is a Python package for performing quantum information calculations, as well as code that I have written for my various research projects.
  • I’ve also compiled a list of introductory resources on the topics pertaining to my research and to physics in general.
  • See this How Stuff Works article, in which I talk about the future quantum internet.

You can contact me at skhatr5 [at] lsu [dot] edu.


Sumeet Khatri, Anthony J. Brady, Renée A. Desporte, Manon P. Bart, Jonathan P. Dowling

News article about the paper: Why the quantum internet should be built in space

Mark M. Wilde, Sumeet Khatri, Eneet Kaur, Saikat Guha

Kunal Sharma, Sumeet Khatri, Marco Cerezo, Patrick J. Coles

Published in New Journal of Physics.

Contributed talk at QuILT 2019, by Kunal.

Sumeet Khatri, Corey Matyas, Aliza Siddiqui, Jonathan P. Dowling

Published in Physical Review Research.

Contributed talks at quantum network workshops in Arizona and Vienna (video here). Contributed talk at SQuInT 2020 (video here).

Ludovico Lami, Sumeet Khatri, Gerardo Adesso, Mark M. Wilde

Published in Physical Review Letters.

Contributed talk at QuILT 2019. Poster presentation at Algebraic and Statistical Ways Into Quantum Resource Theories, Banff.

Sumeet Khatri, Kunal Sharma, Mark M. Wilde

Published in Physical Review A.

Contributed talk at APS March Meeting 2019.

Sumeet Khatri, Ryan LaRose, Alexander Poremba, Lukasz Cincio, Andrew T. Sornborger, Patrick J. Coles

Published in Quantum.

Poster presentations at QIP 2019, SQuInT 2019; seminar at IQC.

Siddhartha Das, Sumeet Khatri, Jonathan P. Dowling

Published in Physical Review A.

Contributed talk at SQuInT 2018, poster presentation at WQRN 2017, Vienna.

Siddhartha Das, Sumeet Khatri, George Siopsis, Mark M. Wilde

Published in Journal of Mathematical Physics.

Contributed talk at CQIQC-VII, Toronto.